Welcome to Top Of The Garden Event Space

On the street, chaos reigns. Up here, everything is possible. In our perch in the sky, the city forms a canvas, a backdrop of brick, contour, and color. But it takes a backseat to the dreamscape crafted exquisitely for you. Imagine:
•    1,000 sf of open terrace, sculpted with light, silhouettes, imagination
•    An immaculate loft, wielding 3,000 sf of unwritten possibility. The warmest wedding.  A potent birthday bash. The product launch they talk about for years.
•    Ease, created by furniture (included), check-in (streamlined), restrooms (three!), freight elevator, and coordination (seamless)

If you're interested in hearing more, call us to schedule a consultation.


Cocktail party: 150 ppl
Reception/party: 120 ppl
Sit down dinner: 80 ppl with dancing